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*concerned white parent voice* sweetie don’t write on yourself you can get ink poisoning


i am so sorry i’ve not been on much recently, everyone.

uni started back up this week and i’ve been working on my labcoat for royce bracket and i’m just a mess rn


Teacher Asks Students To Split Into 2 Groups To Simulate Ideal Class Size


Teacher Asks Students To Split Into 2 Groups To Simulate Ideal Class Size

MorMor headcanon

Jim: Your friends will die if you don't.
Sherlock: John.
Jim: Not just John. (whispers dramatically) Everyone.
Seb in Jim's headset: *snicker* it's three people you drama queen.
Sherlock: Mrs. Hudson.
Jim: (whispers, grins dramatically) E v e r y o n e.
Seb in Jim's headset: *giggles uncontrollably*
Sherlock: Lestrade.
Seb in Jim's headset: (a mocking falsetto) e v e r y o n e~!
Jim: (turns to glare at a particular window where his dick of a boyfriend has collapsed in giggles)


And I have a few more photo. For the work to be thank Ghiaccio. She is great! /Oh, sorry for my English/




when shipping eren with anyone it’s important to ask yourself if carla jaeger would have approved.

She’d approve of Levi because he’s such a good cleaner

righto. because as a mother she obviously would place cleanliness over the fact that Levi is probably right around her age and is lance corporal of the survey corps, essentially the last place she ever wanted her son to work. the fact that Levi put Eren in a dungeon and beat him up would probably sit so well with her too.

i mean, he might make questionable decisions regarding her child’s health and safety, be over twice his age, and essentially lead an entire branch of military that she tries to steer her son away from like it’s the Black Plague, but hell. he cleans.